Instead, thousands of people came to hear the Gospel including one woman who was very depressed and hopeless because a younger sibling of hers had recently died.

This woman had heard me on the radio, and asked her older brother to take her to the festival. At the festival, God spoke to her heart, and she and her brother both accepted Christ into their lives.

I heard later that over the next few years more than 40 members of this woman’s extended family came to know Jesus Christ, and many of them became pastors and leaders in their church communities.

Now, hundreds of children and grandchildren know Jesus all because one brother and sister, grieving the loss of their sibling, came to hear the Good News.

When families are broken or lost, Jesus is the answer. He will welcome you into the family of God. He says you are no longer a stranger or foreigner, you are part of a family that lasts forever.

If your whole family knows Christ, encourage others you know to join the family. If not, keep praying! God can do mighty things through the power of a family.

“When families are broken or lost, Jesus is the answer.”

Psalm 30:5

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”