Yes. I’m the guy that gives people books for Christmas. Often, that book is a missionary biography.

Why Read Missionary Biographies?

  • Why? When I was a young Christian, missionary biographies brought God and His work to life. I saw who God used and how He worked through them. This inspired me to draw closer to God and to serve Him. The benefits I gained I wanted to pass on to others. So, while I might get you something fun for Christmas, you’re probably getting a book too.
  • Which Missionary Biographies Should I Gift to Others?
  • If you are looking for a worthy gift idea, may I recommend a missionary biography? Here are my top ten missionary biographies
  1. The Two-Volume Biography of Hudson Taylor, missionary to China, by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor. Hudson Taylor in Early Years: The Growth of a Soul and Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission: The Growth of a Work of God.
  2. Evidence Not Seen: A Woman’s Miraculous Faith in the Jungles of World War II by Darlene Deibler Rose.
  3. To the Golden Shore: The Life of Adoniram Judson by Courtney Anderson.
  4. The Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot by Elisabeth Elliot.
  5. Faithful Witness: The Life and Mission of William Carey by Timothy George.
  6. The Story of John G. Paton: Thirty Years Among South Sea Cannibals by John Paton.
  7. Behind the Ranges: Fraser of Lisuland by Mrs. Howard Taylor.
  8. By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith by Isobel Kuhn.
  9. The Triumph of John and Betty Stam by Mrs. Howard Taylor.
  10. A Passion for the Impossible: The Life of Lilias Trotter by Miriam Huffman Rockness.
  • What If They Are Not Ready for a Full-Length Biography?
  • Or if you would prefer a smorgasbord instead of a feast, try one of my missions devotionals. Both Daring Devotion and Daring Dependence give snapshots of thirty-one missionaries, introducing the reader to these servants of God in a devotional format. These introductions can serve as a springboard, sparking interest in reading full-length missionary biographies in the future.
  • What If They Want More?
  • If your “giftee” is already an avid reader of missionary biographies, I encourage you to check out my complete list of must-read missionary biographies. This list is always growing and may help you find a book or a missionary you have never heard of before.
  • So, check your gift list. What of spiritual value are you giving others? Maybe you need to add some missionary biographies to that list!