Quotes from John Wesley About Being More Kind

1Do everything you can to do good with every opportunity.

2Stay away from vice. 

3You heart should be where you speak from.

4Faith is all the evidence you need.

5Everyone will be of some use.

6When you grow older and older, you will know you don’t know that much.

7There is a slight difference between the two.

8Reason is a combination of passion and prejudice.

9We can all learn to love one another, even we think differently.

10The more you read, the more you will know.

11When you act out of love, there is no room for sin.

12While John Wesley encouraged reading a lot, it cannot be the only source of where your knowledge comes from.

13The only thing that makes death easier is love.

14He didn’t have time for leisurely activities.

15Kindness can bring all the joy in the world.

16He just regarded him as a vessel to act out God’s wishes.

17Each generation will embrace change with more welcoming arms.

18The more enthusiastic you are, the more attention you will gain.

19Sometimes he knew speaking his mind meant causing a little controversy.

20Do not judge others with the same criticism that you judge yourself with.

21Do you agree with his saying?

22No one can do God’s work alone.

23Every day you can change for the better.

24So make yourself happy. 

25These John Wesley quotes remind you to be more kind, compassionate and generous.