A Place We Call Home

A Place We Call Home

I have travelled all over the world 

Been to the world’s most famous places

Have seen the Victoria Fall’s falling waters

Have left tracks on the well known deserts

But there is one favorite place among all

A place where love has always been there for me 

That’s a place we all call home

No matter how far I can go ,I wont forget it 

Even though sometimes we are having little at home ,

I will not depart from home, its my favorite place 

No matter how much luxury I have found out there , 

It can never be compared to this beautiful place 

Home holds many memories for me 

I can look back and see those best days I had at home 

So full of love , so full of laughter

And I can look back again and see those days

Where we had little to eat and less to wear but we still laughed joyfully

No place can be compared with home

I can find comfort all over the world

I can run as far as my feet can take me,

I can have all the beauties in the world 

But they can never be compared to this beautiful place

This is the most wonderful place for me among all places 

The place which I will never forget, a place where everything is there

The place that gives me comfort and relaxation

That’s a place we all call home, home sweet home.

by Hope Tshuma